Contextual commercial space


On the front of a mixed-use site,  an opportunity for a retail component existed.  In an effort to blend with the Residential fabric nearby, the building draws its formal characteristics from the Residential scale and material pallet.  Having something familiar, as opposed to the vacant overgrown lot, would help people identify with the new construction.


The commercial retail building sits adjacent to the entry of the primary site.  The lot was quite challenging due to the fact that the footprint was between the street and various zoning, wetland, and floor setbacks.  Parking and a secondary entrance/exit abut the street providing a welcome addition to the area.  The building boasts two floors of lease-able space; the first floor welcomes visitors with large storefront style entries placed under a covered walk, while the second floor is intended for more private businesses.




Rhode Island


Project Type:


Commercial Architecture


Project Size:


12,000 sq/ft  retail /commercial building


Project Team:


Architect: Lacuna Design Inc

Civil Engineering: VHB

Structural Engineering:

TRC worldwide engineering

AMR engineering

Mechanical Engineering:

 R.K.Baker & Associates

Electrical Engineering:

Associated Engineers





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